Игры - GTI FIFA 13 LESSON 11: Tackling

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OK so by now you should have already heard a couple of warning about tackling. I've told you to just run into the guy with the ball, and your strength and momentum will squirt the ball out and into your possession.

This is because slide tackling this year is much more sensitive. The referees are VERY quick to pull a red card this year. They're even quicker to pull a yellow card.

Beyond just that, it's much more advantageous for your counter attack if when you win the ball you're already heading up field.

However, the real reason you shouldn't be out here sliding all over the pitch and attempting tackles is because it breaks up your defense. Remember, we're drawing in the opponent as deep and as far as we can before winning the ball over.

Our goal at midfield is to simply play off the ball and cut off any passes. Once they're in deep, we have to have a strong and steady defense, otherwise we just did him a favor in letting the other team in deep and giving up a free shot on goal.

Listen, here's the thing about tackling. You're trying to win the ball back just outside of your own penalty area. Once you do win that ball back, you're looking to send it up field as quickly as possible.

Your mission is to play off the ball, pick off any passes, or when the opportunity arrives, win the ball back and pass it up field as quick as possible. It's that easy.

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