Игры - GTI FIFA 13 LESSON 1: Defensive Attributes That Matter

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The Gamer Training Institute is a comprehensive learning tool for gamers on VirginGaming.com. These lessons are meant to be viewed in numerical order, so be sure to watch the videos starting with episode 1, and making your way to lesson 37.

What you will learn:

• Which attributes matter when deciding teams to use and your starting 11

We're going to break this down into two categories here. We're going to talk about Keepers and then we're going to talk about our back line of defenders.

Goal Keepers

Historically speaking here, acrobatic keepers are the ones you want on your field. As far as determining who to start and who not to start, the majority of the time you'd just start the higher overall player. This isn't the case with every position on the field, however, but the best keepers are pretty linear. Their overall ratings match the individual attributes that matter.

So which attributes matter the most for keepers? Most importantly it's the diving and the handling that matters the most. You don't want to see the ball bounce off of your keeper right in front of an empty net. This attribute goes well with the diving, and of course the goal keeper reflexes. If you find yourself on a team that has a couple of keepers that are close in overalls, I'd look to a difference in height as the tie breaker. Tall keepers are legendary in their ability to stretch out wide to cover more of the net.


Very briefly here for the outside backers here -- what you're going to look for is acceleration, sprint speed, and stamina. We aren't looking for our right backers or left backers to be attacking much at all. In fact, with this year's attacking AI intelligence, we need to keep our back line in tact as much as possible.

What the speed is going to do for us is prevent our opponents from getting around our outside defenders and dribbling in from the sides of the box. They also prevent opponents from flying up the wings and sending in a cross.


For center backs, we're looking to stop two things at once. We just spoke about the crosses, so we need tall, and strong defenders that can jump to defend crosses and headers. Also marking is a lot more important of an attribute for our center backs than it is for our fullbacks. We need to shut down anything in front of our net as soon as possible, right? Marking does that.

Now specifically the traits to look for in centerbacks when determining your starting 11 are height, jumping, strength, and marking. In previous years height, jumping and strength to fight off the crosses were more important than ever. This year add marking to that as the game speed as slowed way down this year.

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