Игры - FIFA 13 Seasons - #1 1st Game!

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Is this a fake video? 1st game playing FIFA 13! I decided to start off playing online in Seasons to improve on my game. Once I feel comfortable playing this game again I might start up an Ultimate team or Career mode.

Do you want to see more FIFA 13 videos? Let me know. Give me some team suggestions to use online also as I'll be switching teams each game. I've played 10 games so far so you'll see me using your suggested teams after those videos are out.

1:33 1st Goal with the defender Cherundolo!
2:33 Close call
3:17 Give that guy some glasses!
4:03 Another close call
4:40 Noob move equalizer
5:14 Altidore give and go goal!
6:54 Altidore gets fancy for this goal!

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