Игры - FIFA 13 Fans Chants-Newcastle

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Chants for Newcaslte Fans

How to do it:
1. create a folder called "chants" in C:
2. create subfolders in it like menu music, entrance, team chants etc
3. download/place audio files in those subfolders. eg.place EPL entrance music in entrance.
4. create .m3u playlist by selecting the files in the subfolders. eg. right-click on EPLentrance.mp3 and select " add to vlc playlist " or " add to " WMP list "
5. Then save the playlist in your default music folder. eg. C:UsersNameMusic ( IMP - dont create any folder inside music folder, just save playlist there )
6. Its all done, import them into game and dont delete/move chants folder from C:/, otherwise custom sounds wont work
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