h2o just add water - H2O. Jungle Hunt. part 1

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First day back at school and the girls are surprised to discover Will's attending too. Will's thrilled to find Rikki and approaches her seeking help to return to Mako Island to confirm his earlier experience. Bella is smitten with Will and enthusiastically volunteers to accompany him instead to keep him from relocating the Moon Pool. Cleo and Lewis use the opportunity to do their own investigation in the cavern. Concerned Bella is in over her head, Rikki trails her and Will on the island and when Bella falls into the creek, she is able to dry her out. Will becomes suspicious when he finds Rikki on the island, which doubles when Bella accidentally uncovers the land entrance of the Moon Pool and they catch Cleo and Lewis in the cavern. The girls use the opportunity to interrogate Will to learn what he encountered on the night of the full moon. Sensing how close he is to their secrets, Rikki takes action and discounts his memory of the night. Will is defused and Bella's left conflicted by what they did to convince him. After he leaves, the girls and Lewis find evidence that the Moon Pool has changed and that it has new magic.
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