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Popular ANZAC remembrance song. New mastered version of 'Can You Hear Australia's Heroes Marching?'. The new mastered version was recorded in October 2012. It has better sound quality than the original version created in March 2001.

The video you are watching is a HD video.

The song is used widely in Australia for ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day.

You can download the new mastered version at
You can also download a new backing track for the song.

You can download sheet music.

You can buy online a USB with video of mastered version of song (high quality WMV file) - Plus new mastered song MP3 - Plus new backing track MP3 - Plus video with backing track for singers with no instrumental music (high quality WMV file) - Plus video of images only for back ground video for singers and people playing instruments (high quality WMV file) for _35 (includes postage in Australia).

The song has a new social page where you can make comments and communicate with the author of the song. The social page is at
Official website for the song is at
Popular ANZAC song, also popular remembrance song for Remembrance Day.

ANZAC Day website at
Remembrance Day website at
New mastered version for Australian War Heroes Song - Copyright 2013 (Song cannot be used for commercial purposes).

Next year is the 100 year anniversary for the beginning of WW1 and in 2015 it will be the 100th year anniversary of the Gallipoli landing on 25th April 1915. These are very important anniversaries for Australia.

Many schools throughout Australia use this song for commemorative purposes and creating a better sounding track was important.

The song was first recorded in March 2001 and has become more and more popular as the the years role on.

You can buy and download the song online including videos.

Worst day in Australia's history - In WW1 on The Western Front at the Battle of Fromelles (19th of July 1916), Australia experienced its worst day in history (not just military history). A total of 5,533 casualties (with 2,000 dead) in one night. The catch cry of the battle was "Don't forget me cobber" due to the fact that so many soldiers were left wounded in no man's land. For the 3 days and nights after the battle, men risked their lives to go into no man's land to save 300 of their wounded mates. A German soldier at Fromelles facing the Australians was Corporal Adolf Hitler.

Copyright 2001 - Popular ANZAC Remembrance Song - New Mastered Version
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