День АНЗАК NZ Army Haka Tu Taua a Tumatauenga

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The main purpose New Zealand Army haka, "Tu Taua a Tumatauenga" (The Columns of the God of War), is to invoke Tumatauenga, the god of war, and fear in the enemy. It has also come to symbolise a modern New Zealand Maori-Pakeha army.
The importance of Ngati Tumatauenga

Ngati Tumatauenga acknowledges what the Army is, one family of people bound together by the ethic of service to our country, military professionalism, common values, and mutual respect, mutual trust and camaraderie. As one people we are one tribe. Ngati Tumatauenga reflects our oneness and our unity; it has seen us develop our own New Zealand military cultural and ceremonial practices guided by Tikanga Maori on the one hand and British and European custom on the other.
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