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This song was written in the 70's, by a bloke called John Schuman and performed by him in a band called "Redgum". It became a national hit especially among Veterans almost immediately. It is still performed today whenever Vietnam Vets get together for a concert. Royalties from sales were donated to the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia.
Just a few things that may help you understand the lyrics better.
'Puckapunyal' was a recruit training center
'Cunungra' is a Jungle Warfare training center
'Shoalwater' was a place that the Army used for Military exercises
The 'SLR' was the personal weapon mostly used in Vietnam.
'Vung Tau' & 'Nui Dat' were Aussie bases in Vietnam.
'V B' is 'Victorian Bitter' a very popular Aussie beer.
'ANZAC' is the acronym for the Australian New Zealand Army Corps - see 'And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda - ANZAC Legend Begins' for more on that subject matter.
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