День АНЗАК - Gallipoli campaign - Turkish millitary footage

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Категория ролика: День АНЗАК

Rare Turkish footage (silent) released in 2009 of the military build up on the Gallipoli peninsula, as seen from Turkish lines. All credit for this footage goes to the Turkish military . This has been uploaded pro bono (for the public good). Any information on any of the scenes would be appreciated and will be added to this description.
Some interesting scenes: Visits by the Turkish General Staff (?) at 0:59. Destroyed artillery battery position (Allied or Turkish?) at 2:29 . Turkish soldiers preparing meals at the front at 3:01, Turkish fort (on the Dardanelles?) at 4:51 . Turkish soldier getting tooth pulled at the front at 5:07(staged, watch for the tooth drop out of the "dentist"'s hand accidentally). Bi-plane (Allied or Turkish?) at 5:22. Lot's of footage of supplies being brought up by train, oxen and camel through what looks like sandbag reinforced villages at the front.
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