День АНЗАК - Australian War Memorial Fountain - Canberra ACT Australia

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Категория ролика: День АНЗАК

One minute of "stock footage" filmed at the Australian War Memorial. The Australian War Memorial is Australia's official national memorial to all Australians who have died in war.

This video was filmed at the fountain at the side of the Australian War Memorial on Wednesday 23 May 2012, in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Australia.

The view is outside the Australian War Memorial, in the garden toward the front of the building.

Video footage may be suitable for:
- Remembrance Day Ceremonies
- ANZAC Day Ceremonies
- Opening or Closing Ceremonies
- Playing during the Australian National Anthem (Advance Australia Fair)
- Playing during 1 or 2 minutes of silence
- Graduation Ceremonies
- Opening or Closing of Sports Programs or Games
- School Assembly, Awards or Concert Programs
- Cultural Festivals
- Australian War Memorial or Military Commemoration Programs
- RSL Programs
- Education
- Formal or Official Meetings of the Commonwealth of Australia
- Other Australian or National Commemoration Ceremonies.

Filmed on location at the Australian War Memorial (Canberra) near the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier and the famous Hall of Memory.

The Official website for the Australian War Memorial -

Filmed in 1080p HD HQ video. Please contact me if you with to use this for broadcast or commercial purposes. Thanks.

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