Брисбен - VERY NICE KONE Alta High-speed Elevators (28-36) @ Santos Place (32 Turbot St), Brisbane QLD AU

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Filmed on May 10, 2012
These elevators are fast, and very nice. Santos Place is overall an extremely nice place, the design makes you feel like you're in a luxury 5-star (or higher) hotel. Santos Place was designed by Donovan Hill, and has a 6 Star Green Building Star rating and 5 Star NABERS rating. These elevators are a little squeaky though
Brand: KONE
Type: "Alta" High speed traction
Installed: 2007-2009
Capacity: 1275KG (2810lbs)
Estimated Speed: 7.11m/s (1400fpm)
Floor-to-Floor distance: 3.7m (12.15ft)
Floors Served: 10 (G, 28 thru 36) - this is the high-rise bank and there is another set that go higher, but I didn't ride any of the other ones
DT Rating: 1 (a little squeaky)
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