Брисбен - TVQ-10/Q150 promotion "What does Queensland mean to you?"

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2009 is a special year for a lot of people.
Not only is it Queensland's 150th anniversary of separation from New South Wales, but it is also 21 years since TVQ-0 became TVQ-10.
The 20th anniversary of the switch was largely ignored by Ten, but they are seeming to make a mense and tie up loose ends.
Ten is a sponsor of Q150, but has been putting in their 5pm news Q150 "tidbits" since January, one could see this as Ten's "response" to 7's Love You Queensland Q150/50th advertorial. But could TVQ pull a surprise on June 6?
After all, there is a precedent, in the Nine For Queensland campaign, which launched unexpectedly in June 2008.
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