Брисбен - The Aampirellas "Armkiller" promo

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Promo short for Brisbane rock legends THE AAMPIRELLAS' "Armkiller", from their 2003 CD "Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory". Featuring members of other Brisbane institutions Strutter, The Genies, The Hymies, and future combos Hits and Some Jerks, The Aampirellas played an "all-girl" group in Andrew Leavold's debut feature LESBO-A-GO-GO (2003), a no-budget tribute to Sixties' exploitation filmmaker Doris Wishman, and "a young girl's unwitting descent into drug addictions delirium, depravity and damnation." Set in the l960s and filmed in Brisbane, the movie centres around poor innocent Sugar who is beaten by gangsters and attacked in a graveyard before kidnapped by a gorgeous but predatory older woman called Kitten (think Joan Collins on acid) who plies her with pills and takes her out on the scene.

COMING SOON: Feature length documentary on Australian filmmaker Andrew Leavold's obsessive quest to find the two foot nine Filipino James Bond! Please help finish Andrew's film by clicking the Kickstarter link...
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