Брисбен - The 2011 Brisbane Ideas Competition - Yarrabilba City

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Yarrabilba City by Cloud Dwellers + Others

As part of the Smart Cities Masterclass at the Unlimited Symposium, we explored a concept to create a city of 50 000 people within a 6 x 3 km footprint at Yarrabilba, south of Brisbane.

The city of Yarrabilba is conceived as part of a series of linked settlements that would act as a regional support network to existing major centres. The support network cities take a surplus resource from their parent city and use it to create a desirable alternate settlement.

At present, the treated water that leaves Brisbane's waste treatment plant is piped for discharge to Moreton Bay. After taking a portion of this treated water on a branch line to Yarrabiliba, constructed wetlands incorporating aquaculture will treat the water to a level suitable for irrigation and industrial purposes.

The treated water will be used on site for agriculture in between buildings, on vertical garden facades, and to support extensive new endemic planting. Agriculture and aquaculture would be for both residents personal use and for commercial purposes. The treated water can also be piped to nearby agriculture and industrial areas.

Why would people chose to live at Yarrabilba? Because the design for the city creates a living
environment that combines a communal urban lifestyle, and a strong connection to the outdoors
through urban farming and significant vegetation areas. The city of Yarrabilba aims to contribute to the planned population growth of South East Queensland by offering a great alternative place to live.
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