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Waterground by Collectif Map

What's missing in Brisbane and what does it need for the future?

Today these two questions are raise d by many cities and ponder their interest to the future development of a social, economical, and environmental point of view. Some people want the construction of an Underground in Brisbane , we offer more than that: the Waterground!

Creating a network of water passages that unify important places of the city by linking them together will improve accessibility in Brisbane. This network will use existing water passages to ensure lower cost and less reconstruction. Passages would be also created to make the Water ground more efficient.

Consequently, The City Cat's transportation system will also be improved and will see itself expanded with new stops.

More over, it will also promote a new ecological way of transportation with the help of self-service kayak and canoe; where one will be at every important spot of the city.

This mode of environmentally friendly transportation will operate on the same principle that already exists with bicycles in major international cities. There would be an addition of two m ajor ports to provide new area of water parking for private ships, self-service kayak and canoe. These ports would be placed inside existing parks. Thus, the global uniqueness of this new network will promote river tourism.

Furthermore , it will lead to a better management of the water network in the region. It will do so by distributing its load in a large and scalable set of channels. Locks would control the water and the system administrator would be able to switch
between areas type.

These locks would also provide a better management of the water level. It would be used as a way of transportation on rush hours and set for leisure on less busier time.

On top of that, this brand-new system of transportation for Brisbane will create new kinds of public spaces: The wet space. These new spaces would be set between public spaces and the Waterground itself. They will provide refreshing location in the city by day; while they will be set as a water carpet, then be dried on night to provide new spaces for restaurant, coffee, etc. All these innovations in Brisbane will create new designed spaces and therefore, will enhance the ones that already exist by show casing the architectural design with the light reflection and the structural uniqueness that inhibit the city.

In all, this project suggest for firm perspectives on Brisbane's tomorrow. The Waterground capitalizes on transport effifficiency in a healthy environment by having full control of the water network. This unprece dented scheme aims to improve the quality of Brisbaneites life by rediscove ring the riverside and surroundings while also giving a new way on tourism.

With the Brisbane Waterground, do not dream of your city, live it!
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