Брисбен - The 2011 Brisbane Ideas Competition - Tourist Center & River Lookout

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Tourist Center & River Lookout by Jeff ONeill

Visitors from all over the world arrive in Brisbane City with the very same anticipation as they arrive in the more famous centers of the world. Unfortunately Brisbane lacks an identifiable riverside meeting place.

The first peoples of our land for thousands of years, within the vastness of our great southern land always met at an identifiable geographic spot.
It was my intent to create the same "sacred" sense, within this small building, albeit with a similar modern application.

By creating a northern visual lookout, combined with a modern tourist application and an information centre, we create a similar modern application.
The use of various modern "steels" as the base structure and finish identifies with the core of modern Queensland.

The climate and our sense of "antipodean ruggedness" demands a structure of simplicity (not post modernist) which is built with products that are "exclusively" ours - steel and stone; and by commissioning local Aboriginal Artists to create a mural on the stone wall, (which is built to mirror the silhouettes of the mountains of the region), we can represent a "full 40,000 years" of history.

This will result in a building being far more spiritual and iconic than any the city presently offers.

Amusingly, the commission started by providing a pedestrian shelter, for sun and rain, at the corner of the Victoria Bridge and north Quay, as a large percentage of walkers brave the illegal challenge of crossing to Brisbane Square against the traffic lights, with few appreciating the view behind the trees to Kurilpa Bridge.

The night lighting scheme would similarly have to represent the earthen brilliance and heat of the sun.

We need a spiritual-visual home to all who live in our really great small city and this small spot, cries out for a building that is identifiable as "ours", which we all visit with the same sense of anticipation as that which we get when touring the world.
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