Брисбен - The 2011 Brisbane Ideas Competition - Public Debate Mapping

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Public Debate Mapping by Lisa Addiscott

These are broad questions that you hope will encourage debate and discussion. The idea for my board is based on the idea of a public debate
about the future of Brisbane, where people debate how the city works as a place. Why not hold the event in The Coffee Supplier?

Small groups of 4 or 5 people draw their typical journeys around Brisbane, discussing landmarks, issues with transport, characters of parts of the city,
public services and other elements of their day to day experiences of the city.

The maps people draw will not look 100% accurate but that doesn't matter -- they will create debate about a multitude of issues such as: how easy it is to cross the river in rush hour? Or how people experience different districts of the city, are there enough landmarks on the south side of the river? Does the city need more accessible public transport? Are the sports stadiums in the right place?

This will provide a starting point for a design consultancy to start pulling together a framework for the city that perhaps will start to answer the above
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