Брисбен - The 2011 Brisbane Ideas Competition - Northbank Masterplan

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Northbank Masterplan by Sharlene Anderson

Initially submitted as part of an Architectural Design project at QUT that focused on a master-planning exercise for a film studio, cinema and civic
space on Brisbane's controversially neglected North Bank, this competition has revitalized an opportunity for me to discuss what Brisbane really needs.

I am proposing a new approach to the way we think about Brisbane City's web of expanding and dominating infrastructure, and the space surrounding it.

Rather than building upwards or outwards, why not build underneath?

This raw urban space, often unoccupied, and purely transient, has the potential to be explored and rediscovered, like many 'left over' spaces around
Brisbane. During dusk, the sun penetrates the space for the first time, reflecting water onto the underside of the highway, and creating a warm glow that contributes to an ambience that negates any highway noise pollution.

"Suspended" in once useless space, my proposed dramatic public place offers a new kind of pedestrian experience; linking Ann Street to the bikeway, and pushing the bikeway onto the river.

Inspired by the sinuous curves of the highway, the bridges, street lamps and the trail of red brake lights viewed from Victoria Bridge, this scheme creates a
pocket of activity, suspended in space, juxtaposing people alongside vehicles; separated by just a thin tensile skin that further animates the space at night as a projection screen, activating the river bank.
We need to reconsider how we deal with 'left over' space and aesthetics as we provide for a city's changing needs.

.....................................or we ultimately will end up with a concrete jungle.
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