Брисбен - The 2011 Brisbane Ideas Competition - Celebrating Hybridism

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Категория ролика: Брисбен

Celebrating Hybridism by Debora Barton & Chelsea Koh

This proposal is celebrating this very interesting 'Hybridism' the city has to offer. Brisbane's Identity is a hybrid of adopted urban forms and its subtropical natural landscape.

The great Brisbane River plays a critical role in connecting the city centre with Brisbane's inner suburbs. However, the connection between Southbank and the CBD is poor. The massive highways along the Brisbane river physically and visibly blocks the accessibility to enjoy the waterfront.

This proposed project is an attempt to alleviating this barrier between the CBD and Southbank through revitalising these existing and unused spaces underneath the Riverside Expressway.

The local community hub with shops, workshop space, and cafes are proposed underneath of the overpass along the river. It will work as a catalyst to reactivate the connections in between the CBD and the Southbank.

The extension of infrastructure also proposes a hybrid infrastructure which includes a new Ferry Terminal as well as a pedestrian pathway over the terminal. It will promise a future extension of CBD to Southbank precinct.
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