Брисбен - "Streets Of Your Town" / THE GO-BETWEENS Original Version (1988)

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Категория ролика: Брисбен

Music video shot and directed by Antony Clare & Kriv Stenders. Edited by Annette Davey. Produced by Liz Cotter. 1988.
"This was one my first ever music videos. I made it with Antony Clare, a friend from Brisbane and the idea was based on the photographic style of one his short films from art college. We shot this in my last year at filmschool and I remember we travelled by car from Brisbane, to Sydney and then Melbourne filming various members of the band in their favourite parts of each city. We were completely exhausted at the end of it all. It was shot on old 16mm reversal film and edited by hand on a Steenbeck by Annette Davey who is now an established feature film editor in New York. I remember the band really liked the clip when we first showed it to them, but the record company then got legendary Australian music video director, Paul Goldman to re-shoot it for the US and UK market. That was my first, humbling introduction to the music video industry. But still I'm very proud and chuffed to have got the chance to make a music video for one of Australia's greatest ever bands. Check out Paul's version here - "
Kriv Stenders
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