Брисбен - Satan Comes Home by Alien Virus in 1988

# 14314

Категория ролика: Брисбен

Long bizarre jam by Alien Virus from mid 1988 with surreal tape to tape cut ups of East League's club gig and driving in Brisbane from Mt Cootha to East Brisbane at the end.
Has me (Cal Crilly) and Mike Brown from Alien Virus doing guitars and vocals and Glen Norman from bands like Pork on drums, recorded in Spring Hill.
Peter Saxon on drums with the live footage from East League's Club.
Satan Comes Home is a feminist song about how horrid it would be to be Satan's cleaning lady...it was actually named after Dwayne Hardgreaves from Pictish Blood who is now called Sebastian who walked in at Spring Hill just as we were ending so somehow Dwayne Comes Home got twisted into new words...
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