Брисбен - QLD Flood Crisis of 2011 [Montage/Tribute]

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A collection of the remarkable footage that has come out of the QLD Flood Crisis. It's been raining here for the last 2 months. I live near the Moreton Bay Region, and was part of one of the lucky suburbs to remain unaffected. However, all the muck and debris and pollution floating down the Brisbane river is headed for our waters. 75% of the state was considered a disaster zone. We are talking about a flood affected area the size of France and Germany combined. It began in the country town of Toowoomba, and just went down from there. The waters did not peak at the level they did in 1974, but the area is much more built up than it was 40 years ago, and the destruction is to be worse.

The dam is at 190% full. Water is contaminated. A 300m floating boardwalk broke off and was guided safely between bridges and out to sea by a tugboat. Restaurants and moorings broke away. All the ferry terminals have been destroyed. The iconic Suncorp Stadium was inundated, as was the pub. A man-made lagoon was completely filled in. Cattle and crop have been lost. Not to mention the thousands of homes and businesses left waterlogged and people left homeless. It is the worst natural disaster in Australia's history and I tell you, it is impacting everybody. The state is at a standstill.

86 towns have been directly affected by the floods.

20 currently confirmed dead, many are still missing. Figures expected to rise.

Please help us recover from this freak of mother nature.

Music is Rain by Creed.
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