Брисбен - My visit to SkyPoint @ Q1 Tower, Surfers' Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Filmed on May 9, 2012
Really nice views, and fast elevators. The display on the ceiling of the elevators is a little delayed, but nonetheless, at a price of AU_21, the views are well worth it. I visited SkyPoint @ Q1 with a relative who lives about a half-hour away from the centre of Brisbane, and it took us about an hour or so to get from Brisbane to Q1
Elevator Specs:
Brand: KONE
Type: "Alta" High Speed High Rise Traction
Installed: 2002-2005
Capacity: 2000KG (4410lbs)
Speed: 9m/s (1774fpm)
Floors Served: 2 (Lobby, Observation Deck [77])
DT Rating: N/A
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