Брисбен - My Sister's Friend's Cousin From Woodridge - Bertie Page Clinic - Official Music Video

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Категория ролика: Брисбен

An anti-bullying message from Bertie Page Clinic.

The Clinic are a sight and sound to behold. Led by outgrageous frontwoman Bertie Page, they weave rock, punk, pop and even opera into their bizarre live shows. In September they're off once again to Europe, performing at a lesbian festival on the Greek island of Lesbos before heading to France for a non-stop two week run of shows. To celebrate their love of all things French (especially the knickers), they've recorded a short album they're calling French Tickler, an aural marital aid! Featuring original songs plus a punked up version of that old children's favourite "Alouette". Check out the first single off the record "My Sister's Friend's Cousin From Woodridge", an anti-bullying punk madrigal that tells you there's always someone bigger and tougher than you, so don't be an asshole.

Filmed by Troy Scott
Edited by Miranda Bertram and John Meyer
Starring Bertie Page, John Meyer, Tim Price and Leon Van Lieshout.
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