Брисбен - LONGEST DOVER BUZZ! - 3 Dover OilDraulic elevators @ Eagle Junction Station, Brisbane QLD AU

# 14260

Категория ролика: Брисбен

Filmed on May 7, 2012
These Dovers have a really long buzz, look kinda crap, and don't run the greatest either. These are actually due to be replaced very soon. Located at Eagle Junction Railway Station, Junction Rd, Clayfield (Brisbane), Queensland, Australia
Brand: Dover
Type: OilDraulic (hydraulic, probably holeless single-post)
Fixtures: Dover Impulse
Capacity: 1088KG (2400lbs)/1156KG (2550lbs)
Floors Served: 2 (Concourse, Platform/Street)
DT Rating: 2 (bad buzz, don't run the best either)
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