Брисбен - Kaleidoscope - Base-X (1995)

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Video clip for "Kaleidoscope" by Base-X (refer to full credits at end of clip)
Released: July 1995 on Sony/Sirius
Music: Cvetkovski/Cvetkovski/Gaffney/Marshall
Video: Ferguson/Sade/Graff

Base-X (formerly Bass X): 1992-1998
Members: Glenn Marshall, Trajce Cvetkovski, Steven Cvetkovski, Kiley Gaffney and Louise Murphy.
This was the follow-up single to the "Goin' Off EP" (1994, Marski Music) by this highly charged Brisbane live electronic dance music outfit. Kaleidoscope was released nationally (Sony/Sirius) - and internationally through Dance Street.
The follow-up single was a cracking techno cover of OMD's "Enola Gay" (1996).
The band was best known for its several hi-NRG live performances, and played alongside many national and international dance acts throughout the 90s. The "plug into the crowd attitude" was made possible due to the very charismatic singers (Kiley Gaffney and then Louise Murphy), and rapper Sabre MC (Steven Cvetkovski who passed away in 2008).

Trajce and Glenn also released several vinyl tracks from 1995 to 2000 on their Marski Music label (distributed by Intergroove UK). MC Sabre released the hip-hop EP "Defence v Aggression" in 2004 whilst owning Phat Stuff (Valley). Glenn continues to produce as Alanrock and is in the outfit Illuminati Inc. Trajce is author of "Copyright and Popular Media" (2013, Macmillan).

Base-X reunited as a three-piece in 2009 to perform a one-off gig at the Met Bar (Valley) as part of the Rewind series. Louise smashed through the set as Sabre's vox spirited around the dance floor. Watch out for some Base-X re-releases in 2014.

Source: Who's Who of Australian Rock (2002), and various sources on the net.
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