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Over the years, South Brisbane station has seen many changes. From the time it opened until the late 1960s, the station served as a major tram terminus, and everyday, thousands of passengers would leave the station, and board a tram to cross the river on their way to the city.
The trams departed directly in front of the station entrance, and continued along Grey st, before turning into Melbourne st.
A single stop was made here to collect more passengers, and the trams then continued across the old Victoria Bridge.
The end of the steam era arrived in 1969, as the tram tracks were being ripped up and replaced with busses. A new Victoria bridge was constructed across the river, and the terminus at the front of the station was rebuilt for the busses. However, the bus service was never as popular as the trams; it was said to be quicker to walk to queen st, than it was to catch the bus.
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