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Originally called Brophe island, Gibson Island was named after an engineer who was in charge of dredging the river. When the bubonic plague broke out at the turn of the century, bodies of plague victims were buried here. A nearby waterway, named Aquarium Passage, previously divided Gibson island and the mainland. It was filled in and was named for an Aquarium, which opened here 1889. The Island had a Resort, and the beach attracted many people from Brisbane. In addition to the Aquarium, there was a dance hall, a zoo, a roller coaster, a cycle track and a flying machine. The Aquarium was washed away in 1893 when the Brisbane river flooded; all of the sea creatures perished but most of the zoo animals were saved.
With all this Long gone, the trains made their way, unbeknownst, through what was now trees and shrubbery.
There were two locomotives; one; a 240 horse power underground machine, built in Chicago, and the other, a 150 horse power Baldwin steeplecab machine. Rather than catenery, Tramway overhead was used on the line and the locomotives received their power from a trolley pole, situated on the roof, in similar fashion to the Brisbane tramways. Overhead power masts were constructed of concrete and were unique to the system.
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