Брисбен - Crappy Otis bottom-drive Traction Elevator @ Mater Private Hospital West P/D, Brisbane, QLD, AU

# 14271

Категория ролика: Брисбен

Filmed on May 6, 2012
Located at Water St/Stanley St, Mater Hill (access to West Parking Deck via Stanley St, East Parking Deck is on Water St) This elevator has been modded with Dewhurst fixtures and a digital indicator. I have a feeling this was originally a Lexan I like the motor on this one though, even though it does have kinda harsh stops.
Brand: Otis
Type: Bottom-drive Traction
Capacity: 750 KG (1653lbs)
Floors Served: 6 (1 thru 6)
DT Rating: 2 (harsh stops)
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