Брисбен - Channel 11 Launch (11/1/2011)

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Eleven (stylised as 11) is an Australian free-to-air standard definition digital television channel, which was launched and operated by Network Ten at 11am on 11 January 2011.
The network indicated that Eleven would be aimed at "distinctly youthful" viewers between the ages of 13 and 29, with programs such as Neighbours and The Simpsons migrating to the new channel.
This launch includes the end of the promo loop and beginning of 11. This video includes the following promos: Hello 11 station id, Neighbours, So You Think You Can Dance, Stargate Universe, 11 Launch promo, 90210, Neighbours, Animation Fixation, Smallville, Nurse Jackie, and LAUNCH OF CHANNEL 11!
Hello 11!
Also includes Channel 11 classification bumper.
Launch @ 6:12
Visit the official website @
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