Брисбен - Bus Queensland (Park Ridge Transit) Bus 35 - MAN SL252 (Voith) (HiCom) - Route 140 Outbound

# 14282

Категория ролика: Брисбен

Filmed on May 4, 2012
PRT 035 is seen operating Route 140 Outbound, filmed between Cultural Centre and Mater Hill busway stations, and seen in photo at Griffith Uni Mt Gravatt Campus Busway Station. The SL252s are painted in BT colours as they are used on the 140, a BT route.
A video from brisbaneguy41 -
(I know, both our videos are practically the same lol)
PRT 035 is powered by a MAN D0826 LOH10 (MAN D0826 LOH07 230hp) 6.87-litre vertically rear-mounted diesel engine with a Voith DIWA 854.2 4-speed gearbox and a HiCom body
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