Брисбен - Brisbane Phoenix FM Tram 554 at Brisbane Tramway Museum (30-May-10).MP4

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Brisbane Phoenix tram 554 exits its stabling shed and then we see an interior shot on it runs back to the shed. The obvious interior differences from the older FM trams can be seen. Padded seats, a timber and wood panelling finish, fluorescent lights and large convex security mirrors at each end are the obvious differences.
After Brisbane Tramway's Paddington Depot was totally destroyed by fire with the loss of 65 trams in 1962, 8 FM trams were able to salvaged from the usable remains of these trams. These FM trams were called "Phoenix" trams in reference to the mythical bird rising from the ashes. These trams were distinguishable by their blue paint work across the upper section of the tram to a blue v shape at the ends and a small Phoenix symbol just below the driver window.
Tram 554 itself was the last tram ever built for the Brisbane System and the last official tram to run on the system when it closed in 1969.
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