Брисбен - Brisbane floods 2011. A collage of the view from my balcony, 12 &13 Jan 2011

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Категория ролика: Брисбен

This vid features scenes of happenings on the flooding Brisbane River as they occured from the vantage point of my balcony during the rising, peak and subsequent fall of the water. Scenes are generally in order as they occured but there are a couple of deviations. Scenes include Police and Coast Guard launches and private vessels struggling upstream against the ferocious current, pontoons being towed away to safety, a house boat fleeing the flood, debris (and peoples lives) floating past and being caught under the Goodwill Bridge, the Maritime Musuem's dry dock inundation, the sightseers cluttering up the street and finally the media circus with an outside broadcast out front and circling helicopters filming the inundated city!
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