Австралия - Today Show Funny Bits part 7. "He's just being Karl!"

# 9879

Категория ролика: Австралия

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In this video Karl as Richard Reid would put it in his best Miley Cyrus voice "He's just being Karl".
Georgie calls Karl a clown.
Maths is not Georgie's strong point .
Deer jokes, oh dear..
Karl is late for work and has a funny story to tell.
Stevie inspects Karl's car.
Lisa loses an earring then tells Karl to take off his undies.
Hug montage!
Amber suggest Georgie gets botox... in her feet.
Taco Tuesday could cause indigestion.
Stevie found a clue
Karl chases seagulls
Wind machine makes people look sexy?
Christmas ads with the Today show crew.
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