Австралия - Today Show Funny Bits part 4. The Best of Georgie & Karl!

# 9876

Категория ролика: Австралия

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In this video we see how Georgie Gardner teases Karl and then Karl cops it again with his fear of creepy crawlies and reptiles.

Steve gets an ear full of fish.
Karl admires Miranda Kerr's stockings.
Karl loves a brass band.
A Cricketers girlfriend shows off her stumps.
The boys talk about makeup.
Georgie goes wacko over Beef Jerky.
Charlie Browns new show.
St Pattys day hilarity.
Georgie can't flirt but Karl loves it.
Spongebob Poshpants
Vossy takes on a giant tortoise and then has a surprise for Karl!
Karl's trust exercise makes him look like a fool and hes not happy.
Karl's caught off guard at the end of the show.
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