Австралия - Ted Mulry Gang - Jump In My Car (1975)

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Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1975:
TMG's promo-video for hit single 'Jump In My Car' (September, 1975), taken from the 1976 album 'Here We Are'.
Note: This song topped the Australian National singles charts in 1975. This song has since been covered by both Chris Spedding and David Hasslehoff.
Band Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Artist's Origin: Oldham, United Kingdom
Track: Jump In My Car
Album: Jump In My Car
Produced By: Harry Vanda and George Young
[ The Easybeats (1963-1976) -- Flash & The Pan (1976-1988) ]
Label: Alberts Production
Chart Position: # 1 (Australia)
Release Date: September, 1975
Footage Information: Live Film-clip
Artist(s) links:

Ted Mulry - Vocals, Bass
Les Hall - Guitar
Gary Dixon - Guitar
Herman Kovacs - Drums
NZOZ NZOZ1975 Australia Mid Seventies 1970's 1970s 70's 70s
Musical Terms: Rock 'n' Roll, Blues, Rock, Pop, Pub, Aussie, Old Australian Band
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