Австралия - Pebbly Beach, Australia - part 2

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Day two of three: recorded in February 2013 over three days in Pebbly Beach, Australia.

An adventure with wild kangaroos in Australia.

ABOUT: Pebbly, Beach Australia is a movie that documents three days spent at the Pebbly Beach Holiday Cabins inside the Murramarang National Park, NSW, Australia in February 2013. One of the least developed beaches in the region is the setting, a location still largely under the radar, even in the travel world. Mobs of wild eastern grey kangaroos, colorful birds and fuzzy possums are among the many creatures that call the lush forest valley home. Amidst the greenery and gentle grazing kangaroos are a few campsites and ten cabins. Two other occupied dwellings are present; along with some maintenance and garage buildings, this is the only infrastructure, aside from trails and signs. There is no road noise whatsoever, only crashing waves and bird calls.

A FEW PROGRAM NOTES: While mixed down to 1080p HD, four cameras of varying resolution were used to capture spontaneous moments as they happened. Native park inhabitants also include goanna lizards, but none appeared during this visit. Hosts Yvonne and Stuart McFarlane were about the best one could ask for, and we found them online at their website, . They live on the premises and were immediately available.
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