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The world's biggest mining company was sent a clear message at its recent annual meeting in Sydney by activists from Uranium Free NSW and Friends of the Earth.

The bold black and white banner, flung over large windows, highlighted the connection between Australian uranium and the continuing Fukushima nuclear crisis.

It was confirmed in October 2011 that Australian uranium was inside the failure Fukushima reactor complex when the plant melted down. Rocks dug up in the NT and SA and shipped out of Darwin and Adelaide are now the cause of radioactive fallout in japan and beyond.

"Fukushima should be a wake-up call - we need to phase out nuclear power. However companies like BHP Billiton ignore the human cost of nuclear disasters and continue to pursue an expansion of its uranium business.

Australian uranium could fuel another Fukushima and we demand BHP keep the uranium in the ground", said Sakyo Noda a Japanese activist from the Uranium Free NSW community group who - along with Beth Malone - delivered the powerful message .

For BHP and other companies involved in the uranium trade the writing is literally on the wall and the message is clear: In the shadow of Fukushima there can be no radioactive business as usual.
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