Австралия - Icehouse - Great Southern Land

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When "Great Southern Land" was released as the first single from the Primitive Man album in 1982, a video for it was filmed in a disused sandstone quarry in the Kuringai National Park near Sydney. Then, in 1989, when the song met its first release as a single in North America and Europe, a new clip had to be made to accompany the overseas single. This time, the background Australian landscapes were provided by the Myall Lakes National Park on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. As befits the song, both clips were, of course, typically Australian in content, but the earlier one did feature a few Australian native animals, including a large goanna crawling across barren sandy earth. This latter typical Australian had obviously won many fans, since, when the new clip appeared there were quite a few appeals for "the one with the goanna." The result was that both "Great Southern Land" clips had to be included in the commercial video released in 1989. (
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