AC/DC - The Blue Pill: A JabbaWockeeZ Tribute (Original Release)

# 12798

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THIS VERSION IS OG! Update here:

Just a tribute to the masked marvels. Sorry for he quality. (I called it the Blue Pill because it's not the Red Pill and the other choice was the blue pill; for those that know about the Alice in Wonderland/ Matrix/ Jabberwocky thing. No Crip Blood mess.)
Video from MTV's "Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew" (Season One)
Starring the JabbaWockeeZ Crew (Ben Chung, Chris Gatdula, Kevin Brewer, Phil Tayag, Jeff Nguyen, and Rynan Paguio)
Music By DJ Verve Unreal "The Red Pill" (DJ Verve Remake/ Remix)
Created by me, Anjru GarCa(li) & Spanky Kiddo (AyandesS)
Like the music? Want to download it? Visit or DJ Verve's YouTube Profile at and while you're there check out his other mixes.
DJ Verve's "The Red Pill (DJ Verve Remix)" contains:
DJ Verve's "The Red Pill (DJ Verve Remake)"

Will.I.Am's "The Donque Song" featuring Snoop Dogg
Swizz Beatz' "Money in the Bank"
Moloko's "The Time is Now (Casino Bambino Remix)"
Swollen Members' "Red Dragon"
And the spins at the end are commonly known as Munchmills (or Babymills) and WindMills.
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