AC/DC - M&M vs. AC/DC Dance Battle

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You may have heard already, but everyone is buzzing about the biggest YouTube online dance battle of all time!
Teenage sensation Miley Cyrus and her BFF Mandy have officially stepped up their game with their TEN MINUTE answer to the ACDC Crew.
For those of you who don't know what we are talking about, let me explain. The whole dance battle began two months ago when professional dancers Adam Sevani and Jon Chu challenged Miley and Co. to what they called "the biggest online dance battle in Youtube history!"
Miley and Mandy immediately fired back in retaliation with their own dance rendition set to Madonna's "Four Minutes." But Chu's ACDC Krew did the impossible by managing to enlist Adam Sandler, Britanny Snow, Chris Brown, Linsdey Lohan and music legend Diana Ross in their next installment.
It appeared as though the road had ended for the M&M crew---after all---how do you really compete with Diana Ross?
When all hope seemed lost, Milez and Manderz (those are their nicknames for eachother) unleashed another TEN MINUTE video featuring Joey Fatone, Carson Daly, Ryan SEacrest, Channing Tatum, Chris Kattan, Pedro from Napolean Dynamite, and a slightly freakish magic trick by David Blaine! All of this AND the video even kicks off with the ladies of M&M taking off in a helocopter.
It's safe to say the dance war is not over! The dueling dancers are in discussions to tape a live battle, but as of now no details are being released.
The outcome of the battle really could go either way, but I have to say that it made my day to see Ryan Seacrest bust a dance move.
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