AC/DC - M&M CRU FINAL DANCE BATTLE - Cyrus Blaine Seacrest Tatum

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Thank you to EVERYONE involved. This was a much bigger project than the last one and many people donated their time and energy to make it all happen. Without the passion of dance in all of these people we wouldn't have been able to create such a cool video!
Firstly, a SUPER HUGE THANK YOU to the artists and musicians! We love them. They make us dance. joke Support them and purchase their work.
In order of appearance:
1. - Go

2. - B Boyz

3. Izza Kizza - They're Everywhere

4. Rob Base and DJ EZ Roc - It Takes Two

5. Justice - Genesis

6. Head Automatica - Brooklyn is Burning

Miley Cyrus (Milez with a Z)
Mandy Jiroux (Manderz with a Z)

Special Guests:
David Blaine
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Joey Fatone
Carson Daly
Ryan Seacrest
Michael & Julian Rapaport
The Beach Girlz
Jenna Dewan
Channing Tatum
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Chris Kattan
Affion Crockett
Jon Chu
Adam Sevani
Directed By: Cole Walliser

Teresa Espinosa

Produced by:
Alison Faulk
Joel Viertel

Director of Photography:
Andreas Burgess

Camera Op:
Mora Stephens
Par Parekh

Additional Choreography
Flo Master
Keeley "Lock n' Key" Kaukimoce
Steven Stanton
David Moore
Aja George
Reina Hidalgo
Asiel Hardison
Dominique Kelley
Chloe Arnold
Alison "AlStar" Faulk

Aja George
David Moore
Popin Pete
Richard "Steelo" Vazquez
B-Boy Spee-D
Oscar "Wonder" Ledezma
Ashlee Nino
Cole Walliser
Jules "Lady Jules" Urich
Alison "AlStar" Faulk
Teresa "Rag Doll" Espinosa
Cristina Benedetti
Cory Graves
Reina Hidalgo
Asiel Hardison
Jon "Do Knock" Cruz
DJ Angie Vee
Myke D.
Bradley Rapier
Osea "JungleBoy" Kaukimoce
Christa Lewis
Penelope Vazquez
Misha Lee
Dominique Kelley
Chloe Arnold
B-Girl Shorty
B-Girl Simi
Furious Styles
Jenny "Shorty J" Kita
Mya "Fly" Chino
Mayuko Kitayama
Mike Murda
Peipei "Peppa" Yuan
Peety "PeetThaSho" Escovedo
Dominique "Disciple" Escovedo
Lindsey "Outthere" Blaufarb
Maryss from Paris
The Gayliens
Lyle Beniga
JP San Pedro
Lil Rock
Lil Bob
Janet Langer
Odin Rock
Mr. Groove

Dahlia Foroutan

Make Up
Jaimie Harper

Kara Silverman

Lighting Tech / Dolly
Andrey Prikazchikov

Logo Design
Angie Vasquez

Jason Pedigrew
Emily Dell
Donna Jiroux
Elizabeth Dell
Penelope Vazquez
Evalee Gertz
Aimee Garcia
Joshua Johnson
Christa's Mom
Joanie Rapier
Misha Lee
A Very Special Thanks
Jason Morey
Tish Cyrus
Gordon Jiroux
Meghan Prophet
Marnie Cooper
Kim and Peter
Denise Albert
Danny Garcia
Dan White
Omar Abderrahman
Million Air
68 Cent Theater
Ronnie Marmo
Danny Cistone
FYI Note:
Choreographer's rate for this video: _0.00
Dancers rate for 75 dancers: _0.00
Cost for Helicopter: _0.00
Director's Rate: _0.00
This video was made on the passion and love for dance. We made it for no other reason and it was made with no other means. We didn't buy this video. We made it by calling friends and people we knew and asked if they wanted to donate their time and energy to be a part of the video. The best part of making this video was seeing people jump on board and be as passionate about dance as we are.

For Press, Information, Promotional questions or inquiries please email:
Fanmail can be directed to:
Lastly a HUGE Thank you to all of the M&M Cru Fans out there! We love all of your support!!
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