AC/DC - AC/DC's RARE Interview with Angus Young & Brian Johnson 1983

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AC/DC. This is the FULL VERSION. The video you see is unedited Raw Footage for my TV show, which originally was created for Night Flight on USA Cable. Most of the content has never been seen. I remember being torn between wearing a hat like Brian wears just before we started.

Angus has a great sense of humor. One of the amazing things about this interview is just how funny Angus is. He was on a roll.

Steve Boyle Produced the show whose videos have been seen on MTV, TNN, and other outlets throughout the 80's & 90's. Other TV shows we did with Def Leppard, Zebra, Joey Ramone and others have never been seen.

This Video Feedback with Allan Handelman was recorded for the Overnight TV Show called "Night Flight." Only potions of the show ever aired.

Recorded in Raleigh N.C. the day after the band spent 2-hours taking calls from AC/DC fans on the Allan Handelman Radio Show also known as East Coast Live.

Allan remains close with the entire band till this day. In 2003 Angus introduced Allan to Bon Scott's nephew. Allan presented his nephew with the interview he did with Bon in 1980 during the Highway To Hell tour. It turned to be one of his last interviews.

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