AC/DC - AC/DC Rock N Roll Train Live Wembley Stadium 26/06/2009 720p HD

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AC/DC Performing Rock N Roll Train from their new album Black Ice as the opening song on their massive Black Ice Tour at Wembley Stadium on 26 June 2009.
This is the only video I got since being in standing everything went mental, so this time I thought I'd just free my arms and go mental, which I did. That and the fact that if I did continue filming my camera would have most likely gone flying sooner or later in the amazingly mental atmosphere. Also for me it would have been too shaky anyway even though it's HD.
While I'd say the video is not very good, you do at least get some real good close up moments of Brian Johnson and Angus Young walking down the walkway if you watch further on. Also even though it is shaky it does kinda capture the atmosphere and feel of what standing was like.
Stupid annoying people stating the obvious comments will be deleted or negatived (ie, your shaking the camera - why don't you try it in a crowd like this and do better, and that clapping is really annoying - honestly, how stupid can some people get).
Crazy amazing concert and fantastic song!
Filmed using a Panasonic DMC-TZ7.
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