AC/DC - AC/DC Rock N Roll Train Live Manchester Evening News Arena 21/04/09

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AC/DC Performing Rock N Roll Train from their new album Black Ice as the opening song on their massive Black Ice Tour at the Manchester Evening News Arena on 21 April 2009.
The video on this is rather blurred when I filmed it for some reason, my others aren't like that, I guess that was just how things go, main thing is you can hear the sound well enough. Also, the camera I was using (I'll be upgrading to a better one next gig I go to) while doing decent video can't zoom in while recording, so for this song sadly I was fully zoomed out, compared to the rest of them from the night where I had zoomed on it's maximum 3x optical thus getting a closer view.
I was seated for the first time and not standing, so you see a more open view of what was happening on stage compared to my previous live band videos I took.
Fantastic gig and fantastic song!
Filmed using a Sony DSC-W300.
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