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David Beckham could be the next superstar to be playing in the Hyundai A-League - now it's up to Football Federation Australia and the clubs to make it happen.

With the Major League Soccer competition in America finishing in a fortnight, Fox Sports can reveal the LA Galaxy megastar has been offered to several A-League clubs, with Perth immediately declaring its interest.

Fox Sports football expert Mark Bosnich said Beckham would be open to a permanent move as well as a 10-week guest stint.

"He's a quality footballer and always has been," said Bosnich. "He's interested, he wants to come here and it's a golden opportunity to secure his services. Let's make sure we do everything to make it happen.

"His sporting prowess is unquestionable, he's won the European Cup, titles with Real Madrid, LA Galaxy."

The FFA confirmed it was in contact with a representative of Beckham in Australia.
"It's wonderful that David Beckham is thinking about the Hyundai A-League as a potential destination," FFA CEO David Gallop was quoted as saying on the Sydney Morning Herald twitter feed.

Lou Sticca, the man who heads Tribal Sports Management, organised the previous Beckham tours and was the driving force behind Del Piero's A-League signing, confirmed to foxsports.com.au that he was helping Beckham's management investigate opportunities in Australia, among several options. He wouldn't comment further.
Fox Sports' Robbie Slater says Beckham in the A-League would be "an honour for the country."

"It just keeps getting better for the game," says Slater.

"It would be unbelievable -- the boost it would give to the sleeping giant, as David Gallop put it, that's now awakened and growing.

"We've had a fantastic start to the season and the level of the football is the best it's been since the start of the competition.

"With Del Piero, we see him on the front and back pages once or twice a week - with Beckham it would be every day.

"What he brings is not only football but right across the spectrum of life and it would be an honour for the league and country to have him here."

Beckham is currently the third-highest earner in the MLS at _US4m per season. In his most recent deal he accepted a _US1.5m pay-cut from the Galaxy and it is believed that money would not be a primary reason for wanting to play in Australia.

If Gallop thought he could ease into his first week as chief executive officer, he can think again. The sport's new boss will need to decide whether or not to support the stint.
"If he can land this marlin, wow what a goal for him in his first week that would be," said Fox Sports' Andy Harper.

Beckham has already been knocked back by one A-League club, while Sydney and Melbourne are considered the two most likely destinations for the former Manchester United and Real Madrid man!

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